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From concept to command, our specialized team partners with you at every milestone. Leveraging the resilience of advanced aerospace and defense technology, we unite to materialize your goals, ensuring meticulous precision and superior quality at every turn of the project.


Aerospace, defense, and rugged electronics blend cutting-edge engineering with innovation. Explore our contributions to these vital sectors, where our commitment to resilient, high-performance systems goes beyond meeting standards to set new benchmarks in quality and reliability.


Mechanical Design and Development

From conceptualizing rugged enclosures to performing detailed thermal and vibration analyses, our team's expertise in mechanical design and development is both deep and varied. We not only design but also rigorously verify each component through advanced techniques including 3D printing and scanning. Our process, adhering to demanding aerospace and defense standards, ensures impeccable execution from product introduction to precision manufacturing, delivering excellence in every mechanical detail.

Advanced 3D Modeling

Employing sophisticated 3D modeling techniques using Creo and SolidWorks, capable of handling various file types for precise and detailed design.

Ruggedized Enclosure Engineering

Designing robust enclosures to withstand extreme environments, integrating ruggedized features into every mechanical aspect for durability and reliability.

Thermal and Vibration Analysis

Conducting comprehensive thermal and vibration (Modal and Steinberg) analyses to ensure product longevity and performance under challenging conditions. * Partners STL

Design Verification

Validating design specifications with advanced 3D printing and scanning techniques, ensuring accuracy and fidelity before full-scale production.

Manufacturing & Production

Tailoring designs for optimal manufacturing, focusing on injection molding, CNC machining, and sheet metal forming for efficient and accurate production.

Advanced Material Selection & Tooling

Selecting advanced materials and specialized tooling  in compliance with rigorous standards including CSA/UL, CE, DO-160, MIL-STD, and GR-CORE.



Hardware Design and Development

Expertly steering high-speed digital and hardware design, our team ensures robust and compliant system architectures and sophisticated circuitry. We excel in managing electromagnetic interference and ensuring adherence to top industry standards, including DO-160G and MIL-STD. With a fully-equipped in-house lab, we extend our capabilities from meticulous design verification to overseeing global product introduction and lifecycle management, setting the benchmark in hardware excellence.

Systems Engineering and Verification

Coordinating systems engineering, from architecture and requirements mapping to thorough verification, ensuring robust and reliable hardware integration.

EMI and Lightning Protection

Implementing electromagnetic interference and lightning protection techniques, from shielding and common mode filtering to onsite EMI chamber testing.

Circuit Design and Simulation

Executing circuit simulations and analog designs, leveraging tools like Pspice and Hyperlynx for optimal signal and power integrity in layouts.

Design and Qualification Testing

Rigorous design verification processes with extensive testing protocols including blue and red label qualification to meet DO-160G, MIL-STD, and GR-CORE standards

Optical Networking and RF Module Development

Advancing optical networking protocols and RF module interfaces, focusing on seamless synchronization and high-speed digital communication.

Embedded Systems and Signal Integrity

Designing with cutting-edge embedded microprocessors and DSPs, ensuring signal integrity and power verification for high-performance hardware solutions.

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Engineering the Future

Discover our array of groundbreaking Aerospace and Defense projects

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