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Convergence Spotlight April 2023

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Meet Sal!

Sal is a Professional Engineer with a Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Waterloo and 8 years of experience. Sal has recently pivoted his career into product development after obtaining both the Project Management Professional and Six Sigma Greenbelt certifications.

He enjoys technical problem solving, is very extroverted, and enjoys spending time with people. He also enjoys all kinds of sports like soccer, skiing, volleyball, and biking.

This month our very own Sal Masad has a proposed session, up for vote, to present at ProductCamp Ottawa, on April 15th, 2023, held by the Ottawa Product Management & Marketing Association. His proposed topic is Applied Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design in Product Management and Marketing.

Design thinking and human-centered design are user-centered approaches that prioritize understanding the needs and perspectives of the people who will use the products, services, or experiences being developed. These approaches help to create solutions that are not just functional, but also desirable, inclusive, accessible, and sustainable. By incorporating human needs and perspectives into engineering design, we can create products that truly meet the needs of the end-users. By attending this session, you will learn techniques for incorporating human needs and perspectives into engineering design, as well as real-world examples and case studies of design thinking and human-centered design in engineering. This information will enable you to develop products, services, or experiences that are more likely to meet the needs and expectations of their customers and end-users.

For more information on how you can attend this event, visit:

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