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Convergence Design Services Completes Acquisition of EMC Consulting Inc.

Updated: May 23, 2023

Convergence Design Services, a leading contract engineering firm, has announced its latest expansion through the acquisition of EMC Consulting Inc. This strategic move includes the acquisition of EMI/EMC test procedures, equipment, and an EMI chamber, which will enhance Convergence's testing capabilities. Convergence will now be able to design and debug systems to meet the rigorous standards of FCC/CE, MIL-STD-461, and DO-160. With a focus on Military/Aerospace, Electrical Vehicle/Robotics, AI/IoT 5G, and Acoustics, Convergence is well-positioned to provide end-to-end engineering solutions to its clients.

By incorporating these new tools, Convergence’s customer-focused engineering team is now able to identify design issues before formal qualification testing. Furthermore, this added capability allows Convergence to offer a comprehensive approach to root cause analysis and debugging of radiated, conducted, and susceptibility emissions failures. Our experienced engineers possess years of product design expertise, which allows them to identify the source of failure modes and provide guidance to achieve qualification or certification.

As a CGP certified firm, Convergence offers a great set of test equipment including:

  • thermal chamber

  • 3D scanner and printer

  • CNC machine

  • Spectrum Analyzer

  • High Speed Oscilloscope

  • Anechoic chamber

  • ESD generator

  • EMC chamber

Additionally, the team benefits from the help of David Weston who has 50 years of experience with EMI procedures. David Weston is a field expert and author of Electromagnetic Compatibility: Methods, Analysis, Circuits, and Measurement, Third Edition.

Award winning - Convergence has demonstrated an impressive organic growth rate of 40% year-over-year, positioning itself as a leader in electric vehicle design. Through strategic partnerships with Studio 63 and ArcaneFour, Convergence has excelled in designing electric vehicle architectures and components such as chassis, suspension, drivetrain, and infotainment systems. In addition, Convergence has expanded its collaboration with STL Engineering, enabling it to secure contributions to high-visibility programs such as CanARM3 and Rugged Tank vision systems in the Military/Aerospace sector.

For more information on Convergences and it’s partners visit:

“With the addition of the EMI chamber, test equipment and training from David Weston, Convergence has solidified its spot as a full service design firm with the right people and technology in place to solve our customers' most challenging issues”

Ben Seaman, Convergence, President.

This is Convergence’s second acquisition of test equipment and talent growth that has provided significant expansion of the Electrical Vehicle, EMC and Military/ Aerospace markets.

For more information on Convergence Design Services contact or call 613-622-3325.

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